A patent firm with a practical approach

We are patent intellect team providing a wide range of intellectual property services. We have a proven track record of securing effective intellectual property rights internationally. We deliver outstanding service. Direct access to experienced professionals, clear cost forecasts, clear communication and responsiveness are hallmarks of the Darsh experience. We are one of the leading research group incorporating our knowledge and helping our clients worldwide.

We are intellectual property (IP) experts providing insightful solutions to grow businesses

DARSH ANALYTICS® is a well-known, top-tier IP services firm. Our goal is to provide clients, a value and quality ensuring solutions for their intellectual property rights and patents and giving them a competitive edge in the worldwide market. In order to provide expert advise and counselling on a global basis, including nations like India, the USA, Canada, and Europe, the firm has an intellectual property law staff with the years of expertise and knowledge in various technlogies needed.
We benefit from a unique combination of business dynamics expertise and industry knowledge, which gives our firm an advantage in assisting customers in maximising the value of their intellectual property for their businesses.

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