Quick links for patent search databases and tools provide convenient shortcuts to access specific resources or functionalities within the platforms. These links aim to enhance user experience and efficiency by directly taking users to commonly used features or frequently visited sections of the patent search databases. Here is a description of quick links for various patent search databases and tools:

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO):

    • Patent Search: This quick link takes you directly to the USPTO’s patent search page, where you can search for issued patents and published patent applications in the United States.
    • Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR): PAIR allows users to access the status and documents related to patent applications. This link provides instant access to PAIR for monitoring or tracking specific patent applications.
    • Patent Assignment Search: This quick link allows you to search for patent assignments recorded at the USPTO, providing information about ownership changes and transfers of patent rights.

European Patent Office (EPO):

    • Espacenet Patent Search: Espacenet is a comprehensive patent search tool that allows you to access patent documents from around the world. This quick link takes you directly to the EPO’s Espacenet search page.
    • European Patent Register: The European Patent Register provides information on the legal status and bibliographic data of European patent applications and granted patents. This quick link enables you to quickly access the register for specific patent details.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO):

  • Patentscope Search: Patentscope is WIPO’s patent search database, offering access to international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This quick link directs you to the Patentscope search page for global patent searching.
  • Global Brand Database: WIPO’s Global Brand Database allows you to search for international trademarks and trademark applications. This quick link provides instant access to search for brand-related information.

Google Patents:

    • Patent Search: This quick link takes you directly to Google Patents, where you can search for patents from various jurisdictions worldwide. Google Patents offers an intuitive interface and advanced search options.
    • Prior Art Finder: Google’s Prior Art Finder is a specialized tool that helps you discover existing prior art relevant to a particular patent. This link leads to the Prior Art Finder, assisting users in assessing the novelty of an invention.

FreePatentsOnline (FPO):

  • Quick Search: FPO’s Quick Search allows you to search for patents and patent applications across multiple patent offices. This quick link takes you directly to the FPO Quick Search page for efficient patent searching.
  • Patent PDFs: FPO provides free access to full-text patent PDFs. This link provides direct access to the database of downloadable patent documents.
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