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All You Need to Know About Prior Art and Prior Art Searching 

Prior Art is also known as background art or state of the art. It is a concept used in patent law to describe the invention of patentability. In other words, prior art can be defined as anything that is available to the public, and it can contain information similar to the original patent’s claim. 

Prior art searching is a time-consuming and lengthy process. It involves searches of hundreds of thousands of references and requires a wide array of strategies with search tools to identify whether an invention has been mentioned in other references or not. If an invention is already discussed in a prior art reference, a later filed patent application will not be considered as being expected by the prior art. It means there should be no publication and filing date before your patent application.

Similarly, all the factors of the patent application should not be the same as the claimed invention. Otherwise, you can face disqualification for your patent protection. To avoid this situation, hire one of the best patent professionals at Darsh Analytics and get our prior art /patentability search services at the most affordable price. 

Benefits of Prior Art Search Services
  • Before submitting your patent application or granting a patent to PTO, the experts at Darsh Analytics can assist you in prior-art searching and let you know the existence of any prior art. 
  • With prior-art search services, you can locate the closest prior-arts and understand the scope of protection present in the patent’s claims. 
  • Being a leader in patentability search/novelty search/prior art search, we can help you reduce prosecution time that requires claim amendments and fewer office actions. 
  • We can help you understand the state of research and give you direction for future research. 
Why Choose Darsh Analytics?

Highly-trained Prior Art Researchers 

Hire us due to our proven track record in prior art searching and many years of working experience in several fields, including electrical engineering, life science, medical devices, pharmaceutical, environmental remediation, digital media, material sciences, mechanical engineering, big data to IoT. Being a patent firm, we deliver 100% quality to our client’s projects and ensure the best results you require to boost your company’s reputation. 

Different Methodologies Used 

From standard manual search and hybrid to same-day research, we leverage different methodologies to fulfill the unique needs of our customers. 

Language Proficiency 

At Darsh Analytics, we have an intelligent workforce who can manage your invention disclosures and concentrate on searches, assessment and reporting in over 15+ languages, which means we can handle prior art search projects of any country and any business. 

Identify Relevant Search Results 

Whether you have an older US patent, non-licence literature, or foreign patent, our expert searchers can comfortably work with you and help you understand the invention’s patentability. Being the best prior art search service provider, we conduct comprehensive research to identify relevant search results that can involve various prior art references with a stack of the closest 3-30 patent information. We can also customize our prior art searching services so that you can get better references with a better customer experience.

Guaranteed Results 

As an IP and Patent firm, we make sure to follow a flexible, results-driven, and scalable approach that will help you obtain your goals faster. Besides, we will also help you understand your business via dashboards or from the comfort of your computer screen.

High Search Coverage 

We have knowledge of multiple technologies and specialization in more than 10 databases. Accordingly, our team can handle patent and non-patent literature from 50+ countries.  

Our Prior Art Search Services
  • Novelty Searches/Patentability 
  • Validity Searches 
  • State of the art search
  • Freedom to operate search
  • Landscape search
  • Clearance search
  • FTO Search 
  • Invalidity Search
  • Patent mapping 
  • Patent watch
  • Foregin language search
  • Accelerated examination search
  • Biological sequence search
  • Chemical structure search
  • Asian Language searches 
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